Linda Mattock

I began my design career briefly in theatre and then moved to television as a costume designer working on many acclaimed television productions. I am privileged to have achieved industry recognition for my work and was awarded a BAFTA for costume design in 1986. I have represented British costume design at international conferences and was selected to represent costume design for television at the BAFTA fiftieth celebration presented to Her Majesty the Queen.

I now work primarily as an artist, concentrating on figurative drawing, particularly people in movement. My approach as an artist and as a costume designer has many similarities. Underpinning both is a passion for people, storytelling, the human form, clothing and drawn mark making. One process being a collaborative team effort to 'paint 'the picture to communicate an idea or story and the other an insular practice using alternative choices of medium.

Sharing my experience and knowledge has been an important aspect of my career. I led the BBC Design initiatives and trainee scheme for many years and recently instigated a design strategy for the film and television industry. I remain committed to supporting new talent and working with young artists and designers.